Over Half Of The UK Workforce Dreams Of Having Their Own Business Although 43 Per Cent Of Us Don t Believe We ll Ever Achieve It

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Over half of the UK workforce dreams of having their own business, although 43 per cent of us don't believe we'll ever achieve it.
But the start of a new year is always the greatest motivation to tackle something new, and since it's a new decade too, 2020 could just be the year you finally become your own boss.
This year, GoDaddy is challenging aspiring entrepreneurs to kickstart their small business website in just 12 days by breaking down what can often seem like an overwhelming task into a few simple and straightforward steps.
Over half of the UK workforce dreams of having their own business - but what does it really take?
With the right tools, insights and support from their [ ], they believe it's possible for any aspiring business owner to bring their idea online by this January.
To build excitement for the challenge, we've compiled a few of the things every entrepreneur should know before going solo in 2020.

tutsplus.comAlways start with a business plan
All good business ideas begin with a plan so before getting started, woocommerce it's important to define a clear market need from your customers and be sure you're able to deliver it. Then think about what it can offer you, as the business owner: like financial freedom, location independence or time.

You can then chart your growth by thinking about where you want your business to be a month from now, then in one year's time and nulled after that, five years' time.
2. Name your idea carefully
Naming your idea is one of the most exciting first steps for a brand-new business.

Successful business names commonly hint at the concept behind the business but play around with sound, spelling or rhyming to make it more original and memorable. However, a pro tip is not to limit your business with the name, in case you want to diversify in the future.

Finally, once you have your name, make sure to do a thorough internet search to ensure no-one else owns the copyright, trademark or limited company already.
Successful business names commonly hint at the concept behind the business

Choose a web host
A web host, such as the world number one GoDaddy, is a platform that makes your site visible online. Whether you're looking to set up a basic blog or woocommerce plugins a high-powered e-commerce site, GoDaddy offers fast, reliable plans that help you get set up swiftly.
This year, woocommerce things are even easier with their 12-step set-up plan that gives you one challenge every day on the road to completion within just 12 days.  GoDaddy will reward you by building your website for you using their new [ ]

Discover a domain that fits
A business domain is the name you give your website that helps other people on the internet find you easily, like Google.com or UK.GoDaddy.com, which are both domain names. You can check to see if there is an online domain available to suit your business name using GoDaddy's simple [ ].

GoDaddy can help you swiftly land on the right domain to suit your website and get moving ahead.
5. Find the right building blocks
Building a website can seem like a daunting task, but with GoDaddy's handy Website Builder, it's simple to create a modern and professional-looking site without being a web designer or woocommerce plugins wordpress plugins learning how to code.

For a small monthly fee, choose any one of [ ] to bring your idea to life or go more advanced with a Managed wordpress plugins site. Whatever you decide, GoDaddy offers the technical guidance and simple steps to get you online within a matter of hours!

Attract the right customers
Building a website is just the beginning for your business. Once you're set up, [ ] can help you to draw the right customers to your business and start to seeing some success by using everything from email marketing to appointment booking to your advantage.

Set up an online payments system
For e-commerce entrepreneurs, the beauty of building an online store, where you sell your stuff online, is that you can go beyond the traditional checkout options to pay in person or by cheque, and instead connect to an online payments system that's easy to set up in a few simple moves.
All GoDaddy UK sites are compatible with three payment options: Square, Stripe (including ApplePay), and PayPal, making transactions easily automated for swift purchases and happy customers.
Make sure to utilise both SEO and savvy social  media to build up awareness of your business 

Build your online presence
Stuck scratching your head about SEO? With the help of GoDaddy InSight™, you can build your presence without starting at square one on search engine optimization (SEO). The idea is to help your business show up on Google, Bing and Yahoo using handy keyword techniques and phrase suggestions that push you above your competitors.

Plans start from £5.99 per month.
9. Get results with social media
If you thought Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIN were just for social networking, you were wrong.

Social media is actually a great tool for marketing because it's where you can really connect with your target audience. The best social media marketers divide their time into three strategies: Promotion (of your product), education (to help your followers) and engagement (to keep your audience interested).

In combination, these will help balance your content and entice more followers, and therefore greater brand awareness.
10. Get professional on email
All good business owners know how to ask for help when they're in need, and  the web pros at GoDaddy who are on-hand 24/7, 365 days of the year
Whether you're selling a physical, information product or delivering a service, wordpress themes happy customers are at the heart of any successful business.

One of the most professional ways of interacting with your visitors is an official email address proudly bearing your company name. The[ ] is an easy way to get set up with a business address that creates a great first impression.

Never be afraid to ask for guidance
All good business owners know how to ask for help when they're in need. If you've followed your action points and still need support, reach out to the web pros at GoDaddy who are on-hand 24/7, 365 days of the year.
Protect your business
When you're a successful business owner, everybody wants a piece of the pie. So don't forget to keep your domain locked in your name for the life of your business. With Business Protection you're safe for up to 12 months from both accidental and malicious domain transfers, your personal details are hidden but your online business card is available so customers and partners can find you easily. 
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